Our History

AsiaWorld Hospitality was founded in 2014 by a group  of Hospitality professionals sharing the same values and driven by the same passion.
Many moons have passed since two talented hoteliers, were discussing, while eating pizzas, how to create a company that can fulfill their dream of delivering excellence, in what for decades has been their job:  the hospitality industry. We envisioned a perfect world, where ideas would flow, talents could grow and a strong corporate culture and professional ethic   would drive each process and decision.  We believed, with our passion, expertise and skills we could make a little dent in this universe.
The company was founded to meet the growing demand in the Hospitality  Sector boosted by solid foreign investments and government focus.  It took few years before launching the brand. Few years dense of difficulties and sleepless nights but the desire to succeed kept us alive and determined to move forward.   After so many years around the world, spent at the service of many global hospitality players, it was about time to wrap up the learning and the experience acquired and make it available to the market. We believed that providing excellence in hospitality, begin with a good education.  We begun by partnering   with the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute, the largest and oldest Hospitality Education group in the world.    We considered the Hospitality Training and the Academic world a Critical Success Factor and  Key Element for our growth. Our ultimate goal was to manage hotels and to do so we had to build a platform of Integrated Hospitality Services and  be able to guarantee  a solid brand contributions to the many that would entrust us  managing their assets.  A year later, one more individual joined the group bringing an additional wealth of knowledge and experience. AsiaWorld Hospitality was born.  May 8, 2014 mark the beginning of the dream which today is a solid reality.    


Our Mission
Delivering superior results thru innovative hospitality solutions, people training and continuous learning whilst creating value for our stakeholders.

Our Vision
AWH will provide a comprehensive range of hospitality services to assist hotels and related establishments in their operational requirements. We offer specialized training  programs to boost people development and support continuous learning.  Our integrated  services platform will serve the Hospitality industry and assist hotel owners, landers and institutional investment groups, managing their assets and generate the desired returns. 

Our Strapline
Designing the Experience, Creating Value

Our Values:
1: We will deliver superior results ensuring the best outcome for our clients
2: Innovation will  always be at the forefront of our organization
3: We will be committed to the financial results of our company
4: We will conduct our business in a honest, open, caring and fun environment
5: We will create and environment where our people, can achieve, be more, be happy.
6:  We will be deply committed to CSR, respect diversity and developing local solidarity