IT'S ALL ABOUT SERVICE : Customer service training is one of the smartest investments a company can make.

The phone representative is gratingly polite but ultimately ineffective. The clerk at a store doesn’t know the inventory, pointing you toward merchandise that doesn’t exist. The hotel front desk staff makes you feel like you’re inconveniencing them when you call. As the old saying goes, good help is hard to find. But with more refined training programs, nurturing employees who can deliver stellar customer service is getting a little easier. Here is some quick tips to ensure your employees provide service with a smile—and make customers smile in return.


   Measure your employees’ level of customer service via customer feedback on surveys and through the use of videos and recordings of customer-     employee interactions.

   Tap the expertise of successful customer service-oriented employees, encouraging them to mentor co-worker

Make customer service a key part of your new hire training, asking all employees to make a formal commitment to providing a high level of service. Consider creating a form they have to read and sign stating their promise to exceed customer expectations as part of their employment requirements

Consider a blended approach for customer service training in which classroom lessons are combined with simulations, in-person role-plays, and mystery shopper experiences.