People is our business

Asia World Hospitality administer every aspect of the Human Resources.
From Manpower planning and recruitment, to benefits  administration, labor
and contract negotiation, payroll and legal compliance. Our centralized
Human Resources department enable us to constantly monitor the
staffing level, employees productivity, performance, labor cost and take
immediate action if the Key Performance Indicators and not satisfactory.
Thru our “Employees Happiness Survey” we can monitor the staff morale
and address any issue related to employee satisfaction.
Our expertise in training and development focus on a wide array of training
programs designed to provide your employees with the skill required to
professionally perform in the day to day operations and guest service area.
By investing in training our Hotels outperform the competitors and ensure
that each guest receive the degree of service that they have come to expect


Human Resources Services

By providing you with a complete Human Resource Management solution, Asia World Hospitality Group help you design and implement he best format that keep in mind your desired guests experience and reduce costs. We understand the operational goals and the needs of your associate who serves as “brand ambassadors” and carry the image of your company in any task they perform.
By adopting a centralised Human Resource Management System, we are able to monitor individual performance, increase efficiency, reduce turnover and minimize cost.

Our services include:

  • Establishing Hotel staffing level 
  • and salary structure
  • Design of Job analysis and job description
  • Strict enforcement of staffing guides
  • and staffing labours according
  • to business demand
  • Recruitment and Pre-Employment
  • profile verification
  • Salary survey for immediate local
  • market benchmark
  • Employees claims handling
  • Legal consulting and labour relations
  • Benefits and Insurance
  • Employee Discipline and Counselling
  • HR Audit
  •  Human Resources Information System
  • Talents Acquisition