Full Service Management

Asia World Hospitality Management expertise includes many type of full service assets. From Business Class Hotels to Small Boutique to Convention Centers. We oversee all the aspect of the Operations and Administration with one thing in mind:  “A Wonderful Guests  Experience  that creates  Loyalty”.

Select Services Management


Select Service require a great deal of efficiency in order to deliver the desired profits. Asia World Hospitality, provides with corporate resources to help the property managers running the day-to-day operations with a minimal multi-skilled and multi-tasked workforce.

Centralized Revenue Management, Human Resources, and some Accounting functions are carefully integrated with the “on property” functions to achieve the best combination of functionality and efficiency to reduce the costs and improve margins.


Take advantage of Asia World Hospitality Group’s expertise in developing and operating your Restaurant and Bar.Our team of professionals will take you into each detail of the best practice and management tools to successfully be in business and obtain your returns.

Stand alone Restaurants as well as  “Ready to Market Concepts” will take advantage of our vast experience, innovation and creativity. Concept development, Service and Kitchen layouts, Menu selection, Menu Engineering, Vine List, and Staff Recruitment and Training are some of the areas that we will put “hands on”


Hospitality Advisor

Asia World Hospitality Group, provide hotel investors with all the information required to ensure healthy returns and educated decisions.

Our advisors help you identifying the feasibility of your hotel investment, thru a comprehensive market analysis. Strength and weakness of the properties are identified as well as the location. Our consultants help you increasing your margins thru an accurate expense management plan, and a structured revenue increase. We look at all the opportunities available to ensure that the asset ‘s capability to generate revenue is fully utilized. We deploy human capital, software and analytic tools to improve the returns on private equity or venture capital investing in hotels.

Asia World Hospitality help investors to formulate the right strategy thru a comprehensive acquisition analysis and an accurate due diligence process.

Our services include:

Determining acquisition criteria
Identifying potential targets
Preliminary evaluation of potential acquisition
Market conditions analysis and marketing strategy
Facility concept and design
Full Due Diligence
Construction and Renovation Management including Design assistance
Design Recommendation and Review
Assistance with contractor selection and review
5 years financial budget preparation
Investment Return Analysis
Assistance with Project Plans preparation required by lenders
Review and Assistance in preparation of project budget