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Intellishopping! Innovative approach to Mystery Shopper

AsiaWorld Hospitality, provides mystery shopping services to the Metro Manila area, as well in the entire Philippines. We analyse  the vital relationships between, guest experiences, operational efficiency and employee behaviour.  We are ideas-driven, solutions-oriented professionals. We speak the same language you do and we understand the challenges you face.
Our program  grants you access to the “eyes and ears” of your customer. It is a distinct method for gathering detailed, unbiased feedback from the customer’s perspective that is used to measure, monitor, and maintain operational standards within your organization.
A successful customer experience must consistently align your vision with your customer’s expectations AsiaWorld Hospitality, customises mystery shopping programs to measure compliance to your best practices and operational standards. Our purpose is to not only create a measurement tool and deliver intelligence to you, but also to infuse that very information into your company culture and, in doing so, build sustainable success.
We help brands to improve conversion, by measuring every touch point of the customer journey: On the phone, on the web, in the property and face to face.
Asiaworld Hospitality mystery shopping programs give you an accurate picture of the level of service your customers are experiencing This valuable information is leveraged in training solutions, management practices, loss prevention and a host of other applications.
Our expertise range from Branded Hotels, Independent Hotels, Resorts and Casinos, Restaurants and Bars. 
Our Mystery Shopper  Programmes are designed specifically for each client. We provide business intelligence and analysis for the Hospitality Industry and we  will work with you to develop a programme tailored to your own exact requirements. 
Our approach is : Consultative, which ensures the work we do serves your organization's overall goals and objectives, Targeted, ensuring the program focuses on your areas of interest, and Customized to the unique needs of each client.

Hotel guests are faced with the many facets of services you provide, and a variety of employees. From the reservation process down to the room amenities, everything needs to be perfect. Asiaworld Hospitality  focus on supplying a detailed inspection that measures all the important aspects and little details that can and do set your property apart.
Some of the other areas we evaluate in an effort to help you ensure that guests won’t seek out your competitors in the future, include, but are not limited to the following: Reservation Process (with recorded audio), Valet & Bell Service, Arrival, Registration, Check out and Departure Services, Curb Appeal, Room Amenities, Housekeeping, Special Requests, Building and Guest Security, All F&B Outlets, Room Service, Fitness Center, Spa & Pool, Laundry & Dry Cleaning, Sundry/Gift Shop, Brand Standards (property specific), Concierge and General Guest Services, Maintenance and General State of Repair.

In the competitive world of gaming, it’s tough to stay on top of the challenges and opportunities that present themselves in your daily operations. Guest experience/ satisfaction data and mystery shops play an integral role in making sure that guests’ needs are being met.  Asiaworld Hospitality works with gaming and resort properties of all types from International resort casinos in the busy cities  to Tribal resort casinos across the country. No matter the size and scope of your operations, we’ve got you covered. 
Some of our services include:
Player’s Club & Guest Retention Programs, Table Games and Dealers, Slots and Slot Attendants, Security, Cleaning Staff,  Valet Mystery Shopping

AsiaWorld Hospitality  can help you ensure your patrons are receiving the utmost in hospitality as well as the best food at your establishment.  Our shoppers are trained to record and note details from the initial greeting to the food presentation to the cleanliness of the restroom in your restaurant.  Our sole purpose is to provide restaurant owners the necessary data to make improvements in the restaurant’s outside appearance, inside appearance, food quality, and to check the attitude and operations of its employees.  Our reporting system allows for integrated training and certification for you staff.

Design and Deploy – Analyze and Review – Train, Fix, Improve
To ensure your business model  and staff efficiency are reflecting your brand promise and value, you need a consistent, objective perspective on what is actually happening at your property. 
Strategic Assessment & Design
Every project begins with a needs assessment, and the careful strategic design of the mystery shopping program.  What is the purpose of the mystery shopping program?  How will you be using the mystery shopping results? What specific operational and behavioral elements drive your business.  AsiaWorld Hospitality takes all of this and more into consideration when designing your program.

2.  Shopper Selection
AsiaWorld Hospitality mines its extensive pool of mystery shoppers to determine who is the best fit for each job. The skills of the shopper are carefully evaluated in order to have the perfect match for the required tasks. 

3.  Shopper Training
 AsiaWorld Hospitality will ensure that shoppers are well trained on the specifics of your project.  Depending on its complexity, the training can include written instructions, a telephone briefing, a pre-visit  test, or a video overview of the property expectations.

4.  The Mystery Shop
Based on the property requirements,  AsiaWorld Hospitality qualified, trained mystery shoppers will visit your locations, telephone your team and/or interact with you through the internet. They pose as typical customers, then observe and record the specific operations and employee behaviors that have been identified as critical to your success.  
The information is recorded in two ways: 'quantitative', and 'qualitative'. The quantitative portion of the report is the numerical score allocated to each pre-defined criterion. This numerical score can then be used to rank the performance of a single location or service within a larger group, or track the performance of a location or locations over a period of time. The qualitative portion of the report is where the investigator writes, in his or her own words, details of the experience. This gives you a strong reference point for the numerical, quantitative score; and also describes a real, live situation to which employees can easily relate.

5. Individual Reports
Each report is screened by two  AsiaWorld Hospitality supervisors.  Once they are are confident the information is accurate and meaningful, the reports are posted.  At this point, you (and whomever else you would like) will receive either a notification that the audit is completed; a PDF copy of the property via email; or both - depending on which you prefer.

If you are in a hospitality driven business, and are looking for ways to give your guests memorable experiences, Asiaworld Hospitality is here to help you see your business through the eyes of your guests in order to help you improve and grow your business.

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