Asia World Hospitality is a next generation hospitality company, created and designed to assist Institutional Investment Groups, Individual Owners and Landers, to successfully manage their assets and generate the desired returns. Asia World Hospitality, provide state of the art management and financial support systems and deploy the highest caliber of professionals to constantly produce above average results. Asia World Hospitality also provide a 360 degrees Hospitality Services to assist hotels in their operational requirements.

 Asia World Hospitality is official partner and representative of the largest and most respected Hospitality Training Organisation in the World:   The American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) 

Today, the Strategic Alliance of Asia World Hospitality and AHLEI is the engine to boost up the qualifications of Staff Force in the domestic market and opened up new line of business: for Professionals and for Academic. 

Major Universities in the country are offering among their courses, the AHLEI Academic Programs, helping and preparing the future generations to start the career with the right step.

The expertise in business hotels, city and resort destinations, serviced apartment, boutique and upscale hotels, make Asia World Hospitality  the Management Group of choice in the Hospitality Industry.


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